About the Company

HD Roofing and Repairs in Austin is quickly becoming one of the most well respected contractors in town. Our goal is to make sure that we can help Austin residents make the right decision when choosing a contractor whether or not they choose to use us or not.

We are very quick at completing jobs quickly, safely, & correctly. However, we know we probably cannot repair or replace every roof in Austin. As a company we feel we have a responsibility to help you avoid tell-tale signs of unqualified companies.

If you are in the market for a roofer, feel free to call us so we can give you a free estimate on your roof. We will let you know up-front when we will be able to start and when the job will be completed. If you have a leak in your roof but cannot afford to have your entire roof replaced, we also offer roof repair services.

We've completed hundreds of roof repair jobs in Austin and will make sure you will have a roof that will protect you from the elements. Speaking of elements, it seems as though Austin has been getting hail storms every year now between March and May. Having your roof inspected after a hail storm is a crucial step to ensure your roof is not damaged by hail.

It is also important to act quickly once you think that your roof has had damage from hail. Your homeowners insurance may cover the cost of having your roof repaired if you can show the damage has been caused by the hail. We've repaired thousands of roofs that have been damaged by hail.

We know what to look for and can tell you whether or not insurance is likely to cover the cost of the repairs and if the damage exceeds your deductible. We strive to leave every customer satisfied. We also strive to always give the most honest and fair roofing estimates.