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12131 Pecan St, Austin, TX 78727, United States

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#1 Roofing Company for 11 years in a row

We have over two decades of servicing our beloved metro area of Austin. We have been voted the #1 roofing company for 11 years in a row. Even our suppliers call us for our take on composition, materials, etc.

We pride ourselves in serving the Austin community and making them proud!
It is a gift to serve you, Austin..

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As Second Generation Roofing Contractors, we can assure intricate attention to detail and quality of Service to the highest level 

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Shingle Roof by HD Roofing and Repairs


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image of a metal roof designed by HD Roofing and Repairs


Commercial Roofing Installation by HD Roofing and Repairs


What Separates us from our Competitors

Our competition always asks us how we manage to please most of our clients. The answer is cliché, but simple and honest — we have a “customer is always right“ mentality. We will give guidance and share our knowledge, but at the end of the day, it’s your decision.

It may seem like a great idea not to hire a roofing company because of the money you think you can save doing it yourself. However, the experts at HD Roofing and Repairs are here to tell you that choosing us to provide roofing services for your home is the better option.




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