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About the Author – Don Richardson

Don’s Bio

Don grew up in Florida where he flourished in the entrepreneurial ship as a young adult. First starting in the service industry, Don consulted and managed restaurant establishments, opening up many restaurants up and down the coast of Florida. Gradually moving out of the service industry, Don dove into the real estate market before moving to Austin, Texas in 1993. In Texas, Don specialized in buying and selling properties and flipping and renovating homes before learning the trade of roofing. He understood the need in the roofing industry for honest and dependable contractors and built his new business on those core values alone. For the past 27 years, HD Roofing and Repairs has evolved and grown into the largest family-owned roofing company in the Austin area. HD’s primary goals focus on delivering professional and knowledgeable roofing services to the surrounding communities of Austin. Don’s family-owned business is committed to providing quality services and tradesmanship while educating and training the next generation of Austin, Texas roofing professionals.

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Family History

HD Roofing and Repairs was established 27 years ago in 1997. During the early days of the business, HD operated as a small family-owned roofing company that focused on quality work and longevity. As the years went on, Don Richardson, the owner, and operator, spent time raising and guiding his two sons, teaching them the tips and tricks of the roofing industry. The oldest son, Nick Richardson, and the youngest son, Alex Richardson, were both born and raised here in Austin, Texas. Both graduated from McNeil High School, and each went off to attend college, Nick at Texas State University, and Alex at A&M University. Soon after graduating, both the boys came back home to join their father’s business.

Management History- (Hayden)
After attending and playing football at Oklahoma Panhandle State University, Hayden Cooper, a lifelong, childhood friend of the two sons, had already been dabbling in the trade and joined HD Roofing and Repairs indefinitely. Altogether, the four of them committed to educating and developing the next generation of the Austin roofing industry. For the past 3 years, both Don and Hayden have spent countless hours dedicated to educating and training the new wave of HD salesmen, focusing on residential and commercial roofing systems. Harley Busfield, Michael Partain, Davion Robles, and Christian Maas make up our core sales force and reflect HD’s strive for quality, professionalism, innovation, and most importantly, family.

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What Makes us 5 Star Roofers

Our customers’ satisfaction is our top priority. We go above and beyond to make sure that our customers are happy with our services, and we are always available to answer any questions or concerns. We believe in building long-lasting relationships with our customers and strive to provide them with the best possible experience.