Can My Roof Be Damaged From High Winds?

Here in Austin, our roofs undertake everything from high temperatures to hail damage and other storm related causes. While many roofs are built for considerable wind speeds, a roof with missing or loose shingles, compromised roof decking, or reaching the end of its life, can create a situation with much more damage from an otherwise typical storm. Inspecting your roof yourself from to time, or scheduling a professional roofing contractor to come out and inspect your roof for you, can save you a lot of pain and money before a small issue gives way to a much larger roofing repair project.

Wind damage can be tough to diagnose from a quick visual inspection from the ground, and damage caused by strong winds are accelerated each time a roofing issue goes unnoticed. If you have a shingle roof, and if the storm’s wind is moving through a certain way, you might notice shingles shaking or almost fluttering in the wind. These can certainly fly off your roof, exposing the roof’s membrane and decking to the elements. Once this happens, it can be only a short time before a heavy rainstorm has created a noticeable amount of water in your home. If you see any discoloration in the ceilings from inside your home, this is a sign that there is water damage and a possible roof leak within your home, and you should call an expert roofer immediately.

If your roof has become damaged from heavy winds, sometimes it is not immediately noticeable depending on the rainfall amount or the location of the damage. These holes in your roof give the wind something to catch itself on, and better leverage to only rip away more shingles and do further damage to the membrane and decking beneath.

Hail storms in Austin can get pretty intense as well, and your roof should be professionally inspected after a particularly heavy storm with either hail, wind, or both. As long as your gutters are attached properly and clean from debris, and your roof is free of damage and within its life expectancy, the rain brought on by our Austin storms should not cause any issues for your roof. Wind and hail can be much more damaging because of the chaotic attributes they bring. Rain will always be wet and fall to the ground, but wind can bring extreme temperatures, large hailing ice, or simply violent speeds and sudden changes in direction.

After a large Austin storm, we recommend giving the experts at HD Roofing and Repairs a call we can schedule a free inspection for your roof. Our company has worked in the Austin area for over twenty years and have built quite a reputation as a professional roofing contractor that Austin residents can rely on. Find out why we’ve excelled as the roofing contractor Austin turns to in times of need. We’ll make sure your roof is in good shape, and ready to stand up to the next large storm that comes our way.

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