Protect Your Chimney With New Siding

Get chimney siding replacement services in Round Rock or Austin, TX

Siding is vital to protect your chimney from wind and moisture. If your chimney's siding is starting to rot, you should replace it ASAP. HD Roofing and Repairs offers chimney siding replacement services in Round Rock and Austin, TX. You can count on us to use materials that perfectly match the rest of your property. We only use the highest-quality products to keep your property defended from the elements.

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How to tell if you need a replacement

It can be difficult to find out if you need a chimney siding replacement without help from a roofer. If you're concerned about your chimney's condition, rely on us to look for:

Holes and cracks in the material

Soft siding that moves easily

Mold and mildew growth

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