Debunking the Myths of Metal Roofing

Debunking the Myths of Metal Roofing

When discussing the option of metal roofing with our Austin clients, we have heard the same questions over and over again. Many of these questions stem from misunderstandings and misinformation that is passed around from neighbor to neighbor. We would like to dispel some of these myths and hopefully teach a few things about the advantages of a metal roof.

Will Hail Damage My Metal Roof?

When dealing with the possibility of hail damage, a metal roof can be one of the best options for defending against this. Unlike shingle roofs, a metal roof is built to withstand the harshest of Austin’s weather. From hail storms, to high winds, and even when it snows. Even extreme temperatures are no match for a metal roof, as we explain further.

Will A Metal Roof Lower or Raise My Energy Costs?

One might think that because metal gets hot, this heat will transfer in to your attic and your Austin home. This is not in true and in fact, metal roofing provides a much better defense against the hot rays of the Austin sun than asphalt roofing. Asphalt roofing absorbs the energy, allowing the hot asphalt to transfer that heat to the structure of your home, heating your attic, and thus heating your house. This can be the cause of what keeps your home warm for what feels like hours after the sun has set. A metal roof’s reflective surface will direct the energy of the sun back out into the sky, keeping your home cooler than before and saving you hundreds on energy bills.

Won’t A Metal Roof Be Loud During Bad Weather?

Surprising to many of our clients, a metal roof that is installedproperly can deaden outside noise much better than other common roofing materials. The elements outside battering your roof will harmlessly be shoved aside by the sturdy, dependable metal roof.

Does A Metal Roof Risk Rust?

Rust is not an issue with today’s metal roofs. The sturdy steel structure is then coated in a metallic coating made up of a combination of both aluminum and zinc, or sometimes just zinc. After this coating is applied at the factory, it is painted to match your home and give you a beautiful roof that will last for years to come. A metal roof can easily last 50 years or more when properly installed. They also enjoy the advantage of having much less upkeep than other materials.

Will A Metal Roof Increase My Chances of A Lightning Strike?

Not at all! This is a misnomer that can be contributed to our connection with electricity and metal. A metal roof will not increase your chances of a lightning strike hitting your home. Because of how lightning works, there are many other factors that go into play. Click here to read an article we did explaining this question further. The material of a roof does not factor in to its lightning strike chances. In the event a strike occurs, a metal roof can better protect your home from a secondary fire caused by the lightning strike. When lightning hits a wood roof or structure, since wood is not a good electrical conductor it focuses the brunt of its energy in a singular point, raising the risk for a fire or structural damage. With either roof properly grounded, a direct hit from a lightning strike should cause no danger to anybody inside the home.

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