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When you have a roof leak in your home, it can cause quite a lot of roof damage and damage to your home if it is not taken care of. If you suspect your Austin home has roof leak, here are a few things you can do to check for roof leaks.

Your roof is the main protector of your home from the many weather patterns that Austin has to offer. When the roof becomes compromised, it can create quite a lot of damage quickly. Inspecting your roof from time to time, including having a look in your attic, should always be a part of your seasonal maintenance for your home. You don’t even need to climb up on your roof to do it!

When a roof leak is unnoticed, it will begin to cause damage to the inside of your home, between the walls, and in your ceilings. Not only can this affect your home’s structure and cause extensive damage to drywall and framing, this foreign water source creates a perfect breeding ground for mold that can harm your family and pets. If a family member has any breathing issues such as asthma this can greatly exacerbate symptoms and cause otherwise healthy people to become ill.

The damage that it can cause to your home (and your pocketbook) can include rotting of the roof decking, plaster ceiling damage, and more. Because of the nature of drywall if it becomes soaked by water coming in through a roof leak, it can create quite an issue and require whole slabs of drywall to be replaced to avoid further issues and structural integrity issues.


To check for a leak in your home, the best and simplest way is to examine all the ceilings in your home. If you see any discoloration that looks like an inverted coffee stain, especially after a heavy Austin storm, then you most likely have a roof leak.

During a rainstorm, if you stick your head up into your attic you can use a flashlight to shine around and see if you can spot any falling water, or out of place and discolored insulation or wood. This is cold hard evidence that your roof has damage and has a leak.

Roof Leak Damage


A strong wind gust can be terrible for your roof if your property is unprepared. Inspect your property and ensure that any tree limbs that could swing into your roof when the wind blows are trimmed back or cut off. While wind damage and hail damage

can create issues with your roof and its shingles, the blunt force of a tree branch in the wind is much more likely to cause harm to your roof and open you up to roof leaks.

If you are noticing a roof leak and you recently had roof replacement or roof repair done by a roofing contractor, especially in that part of the house, your roof leak could be caused by faulty roof work. Some roofing contractors might try to cut corners by not affixing the shingles appropriately to your roof decking, or try to reuse old materials when performing a roof repair, such as pipe boots and flashings.

When you’ve unknowingly been a victim of unprofessional roofing contractors, it can create further problems because improper installation of roof shingles

can void the warranty the roof shingle manufacturer provides.

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