How Should I Maintain My Roof?

Clear All Roof Debris

After the colder seasons, branches and leaves can build up on the roof. This can put unexpected weight on your roof, causing unnecessary stress. Without proper removal of this debris, you can risk reducing the lifespan of your roof, or create issues that require roof repair from a professional roofing contractor. Pay special mind to the valleys of your roof, as here is where the majority of water will find its way away from your roof and home.

If you attempt to clean your roof on your own, keep in mind that you should only perform such a task on a dry, sunny day to avoid any accidents. We recommend giving the roof experts at HD Roofing and Repairs a call. We have been up on roofs for over 25 years and will have no problem providing you with the roofing services you need.

Semi-Regular Inspections and Small Roof Repairs

Take the time to have a look at the ceilings around your Austin home to make sure there is no staining. This is a sure sign of water finding its way into your home and collecting in places it shouldn’t. If you see these, they could be caused by a few roofing issues including damaged shingles or sagging roof decking.

If you have spotted any of these issues, you can visually inspect your roof and see if there are any obvious issues such as loose or missing shingles, which will require shingle repair to avoid costly repairs in the future. Not all issues can be diagnosed from the ground. If you have noticed a sign of water seeping as mentioned above, don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can provide you with a free inspection, and a free estimate if there is any damage requiring roof repair.

Gutter System Cleaning

Keeping your gutter system clean is requires examining a few spots. You’ll want to make sure the horizontal gutters lining your roof are free of sticks and debris. Sometimes, debris can wedge itself inside the gutters that are running down the sides of your home. Even if your gutters above are clear, they might not still be draining properly. Using a hose to spray up into the gutter from solid ground can allow you to make sure they are all draining as they should. This can also help you avoid any breaks or leakage in the connecting pieces of your gutter system.

Vent Openings and Skylights

After a storm, vents can get clogged in the same way your gutters can. If they become blocked, they can allow moisture to build up inside your attic, causing issues like mold growth or drywall damage. Keeping your attic ventilated properly also keeps your house cooler in the summer.

Making sure your skylights are sealed properly can keep your home from being damaged by unexpected water leakage. The hot Austin summers can cause older sealant to become brittle, which is only exacerbated by an icy winter with rainstorms. When these begin to fail, they can let water into the space between your ceiling and roof, where it can cause local damage or depending on your home’s design and leveling, the water can head somewhere else to cause havoc. Having your skylights inspected along with your roof inspection is something the experts at HD Roofing and Repairs are qualified to handle.

Roof inspections can be easily overlooked by a homeowner, but can save the homeowner thousands if scheduled regularly. HD Roofing and Repairs provides free inspections, and we will provide a free estimate if any roof repair work is needed.

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