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Insurance Claims Process – Storm Damage Repair

Step-by-Step Storm Damage Insurance Claims Assistance

– Step One

– Contact your insurance provider and inform them to file a hail or wind claim
based on the evidence found by your local roofer during their field

– Step Two

– The insurance company will assign an adjuster to do a personal
inspection. Most adjusters work for the insurance company, while some
may hire a 3rd party.

– Step Three

– Once your insurance company approves the claim, you will receive a
scope of work that lists the components of your roofing project. Before
starting the work, double-check your policy to figure out your exact out-of-pocket expenses.
(deductible, ACV/RCV, etc.)

– Step Four

– Have your chosen local roofer assess the scope of work provided by your
insurance. Sometimes, components may be left off your scope of
work that your contractor can supplement for additional funds. This helps
provide you with enough money to replace 100% of the roofing system.

– Step Five

– You will receive your first check in the mail that reflects the amount of your
roof that has depreciated over time, minus your deductible. Once the
project is complete, you will receive the depreciation check that will equal
your roof’s total replacement value. The second check can only be released
once your insurance has proof that your deductible was paid in full and that
the two checks were used for payment.

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– **On September 1st, 2019; House Bill 2102 went into effect. HD2102 is a modification and expansion of the Deductibles law that’s been around for many years. This bill passed by Texas Governor Greg Abbot requires ALL Texas homeowners to pay their insurance deductibles and “punish” contractors who waive – or “eat”- deductibles. Before HB2102, this was common practice for roofing contractors to offer to waive your deductible to help you get a new roof due to hail or wind damage. Although this practice has technically been illegal in Texas since 1989, this statute was not well written so there was little enforcement. The new HB 2102 makes enforcement possible.**