Maintaining your Austin Tile Roof

In Austin, tile roofs are used by homeowners that want to add a stylish look to their home. There are two common options when choosing tile roofing: clay tiles and concrete tiles. They are both durable and beautiful choices for your Austin home, as they are able to stand up to strong winds, hail, and even fire. Although they bring with them a higher cost than your traditional roof shingles such as asphalt or wood shingles, they make up for these up front costs by providing a lifespan much longer than the traditional options. By installing a tile roof on your home, you improve the value of your home greatly, and keep it protected for decades and even centuries. Even with this increased durability, tile roofs require maintenance to keep them strong and from degrading.

Clay tile offers elite protection but the tiles on their own are more delicate than other shingles. In the event of a broken tile, extreme weather that would otherwise not harm your roof, can create considerable damage. That is why we recommend inspection of your tile roof regularly. When an expert roofing contractor is dispatched to your home, we provide a thorough inspection, absolutely free of charge. If an issue is discovered, we can provide you with an honest, upfront estimate that is also free.

Regular Tile Roofing Maintenance

Remove Debris – When debris builds up in the valleys and gutters of your roof, this can create unnecessary weight and allow water to collect in areas that it should not. This can cause water to find its way inside your home in ways that a regular rainstorm and properly cleaned roof would never allow. This is why any branches from an overhanging tree should be safely removed so they do not fall on your roof and damage the tiles. Making sure other debris such as leaves, moss, and algae is washed away will keep your roof protecting you without issue. We do not recommend climbing on the roof, but if you decide to so, avoid stepping on the tiles directly as this could damage them further. If a tile slips out from under you, it could cause great physical harm. We recommend going with a professional. Schedule a free inspection with us today!

Timely Repairs – When a tile is fractured or broken, it must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid any further damage and water leakage from future storms. Having your tiles and flashing replaced or repaired will keep maintenance costs low. Make these tiny repairs now so they will not become a much larger problem in the future.

Roof Cleaning – The make up of a concrete or clay tile can be a perfect breeding ground for algae accumulation. With a power washer, you can remove the algae that has become attached to the tiles. When spraying your roof, keep in mind that a high powered washer could emit enough pressure that a direct blast could crack your tiles. Using a simple solution of warm water and mild dish soap, you can indirectly spray the algae away.

Roof Inspections – Day to day and monthly maintenance tasks are a required part of homeownership. But having a professional roofer from HD Roofing and Repairs provide you with a free inspection every fall or spring can provide you with the knowledge that everything is in its right place. Our expert roofers are trained to identify the smallest cracks that would seem insignificant or even invisible to the untrained eye.

If all of this sounds like a lot of work to you, we agree! Let us handle your roof maintenance and roof inspections. Avoid the danger of climbing up on the roof yourself, and have the eyes of a roofing expert on your side to give you a thorough examination of your investment. We have proudly served as roofers in Austin for over 20 years and plan on serving the Austin community for years to come!

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