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Solutions for Minor Roof Damage

Welcome to our page all about roof repair Austin homeowners. Roof repair is a solution for homeowners who have only experienced minor damage to their roof. It's especially ideal if you've replaced your roof in the past few years and don't want to pay to have it completely redone again. The project can have varying levels of difficulty, depending on the material the roof is made from and how bad or invisible the damage is.

If you're experiencing any of the following problems, you will want to have our professionals come out and give you an estimate for your project:

Roof Repair Austin, TX


Water could be leaking into your home, dripping from walls or the ceilings. You can also have a leak if you notice stains on your ceilings. Your skylight could also be leaking into your home. You might not know exactly where the leak is coming from, but that's why you call a contractor. We have the expertise to locate and fix the leak.

Broken Shingles

You could notice that you have cracked or missing shingles on your roof. Asphalt shingles can lose some of their gravel coating over time. Shingles can also curl depending on what material they're made out of. Metal shingles can develop a chalky residue.


You might notice that you have rusty flashing, gutter guards, or vents. You can have rust spots. If you have rust, it's important to have a contractor come and fix the problem sooner rather than later to prevent any bigger problem the corrosion could cause.

Ice or Water Damage

If you have a problem with standing water weighing down on your roof, you might need to fix it to keep leaks from happening. If water doesn't dry on your roof after a few days, you really should call us.

Other Weather Damage

If you have experienced a natural disaster, such as a tornado or the recent hailstorm, you might have had some damage. A branch may have fallen on your roof or hail may have deteriorated the roof enough to give you a good leak. If you've recently had a storm with high winds or bad hail, you might want to get an inspection regardless of whether or not you see a problem. Sometimes there are problems that you can't see, and it's important to get these fixed before they become major problems.

No matter what the problem, we can come out and give you an estimate on what may be necessary, and what the cost would be for your particular issue. We can also fix any problems you have with skylights, vents, gutters, or solar panels.

Some homeowners are a bit hesitant to invest in professional roof repair, but it's definitely worth it. There is quite a lot of danger in fixing a roof - especially if your roof has a steep pitch that you can't walk on. A manufacturer's warranty or other insurance may cover repairs. We can help you figure out the finances associated with your project.

Save More Money Than Replacing

If you just can't afford to replace the whole roof, repairs can be made. It's an affordable option and a good investment that will save you bigger troubles down the road. Don't ignore any problems; they might only get worse. We can help you find out what portion of the job is covered, and we can come out and make the fixes quickly. We want to keep our customers happy and your families safe.

Why Should You Not Delay When You Have a Roof Leak?

If you have a leak, water and moisture can come into your attic and mold can begin to grow. An attic is a perfect environment for mold to begin to grow it is dark, humid, and when water gets in, it is moist.

Mold can cause very serious health problems especially for the elderly and infants. Most people do not even realize they have a problem with mold until it is a very serious problem. Once mold starts growing it will not stop if it is has the right environment.

Even though you may call someone to fix the roof, the mold can still be an issue. Once the fix is complete, the mold may have lost its primary source of moisture but some molds can be the most dangerous when the begin to dry.

When some types of mold start to dry it makes it easier for them to become airborne and for the mold spores to be inhaled by people or pets. The insulation above your ceiling may be harboring mold spores for weeks or even months. The insulation in your attic may need to be removed to insure your well-being. Mold is not the only reason you should repair your roof right away if there is a problem. If a leak can reach the drywall on the ceiling of your home, the water will begin to saturate the drywall making it heavy.

When the drywall has absorbed enough water and the tension becomes too much for the surrounding drywall to handle it will come crashing down into your home causing potential serious injury, property damage, and may even allow gallons of water to pour into your home. If the area below the fallen drywall is carpeted it may require a water extraction or water restoration company to come into the home and remove the carpet and or remaining water.