Handling a Roofing Emergency of your Austin Home

The importance of the roof of your Austin home cannot be understated. It is what protects you and your family from our hot summers, and our chilly winters. When it comes to weather such as hail,wind, ice, fire, and even extreme temperatures, the...

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Is It Time For My Austin Business To Get A New Roof?

The roof of your Austin business, like any roof either residential or commercial, has a limited lifespan before a roof replacement is necessary. When the time comes, it can be a tough decision to make but putting a roof replacement off can be...

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How Can I Tell If My Roof Has Hail Damage?

First and foremost, we wanted to make a recommendation before we get to the portion of this article that tells you how to identify hail damage yourself. If it is possible, you should always hire a local, experienced, and reputable roofing company to...

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How Do I Know If I Need a New Roof?

Ventilation Most people do not know but an attic is not designed to be completely sealed. The attic of a home needs to have the ability to let hot air escape. Insufficient attic ventilation creates a pocket of hot air that stays trapped in the...

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Should I Put a Second Layer of Shingles on My Roof?

WAIT!!! Don’t go get your hammer and nails out just yet. Take some time to carefully consider important factors and then determine if putting a second layer of shingles over your existing ones is a good idea. There are number of issues that can...

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