Shingle Roof Repair in Austin, Round Rock, TX & surrounding areas.

Shingle roof repair can be necessary due to many factors in our part of the country. Here in the Austin area we truly reap the benefit not only of some of the best weather in Texas and the United States, but also throughout the entire world. Warm without an excessive amount of humidity, we also have nice winters. However, that does not eliminate the fair amount of climate challenges we face, especially for a structure such as a roof, which must withstand the elements on a daily basis. Whatever repairs may be needed, they will only get worse with age and continued weathering.

Our immediate shingle roof repair can save you thousands depending on your damage.

Damage on your roof can happen at any time for a whole host of reasons of which you may not be aware. If and when it does happen, please know that we fully have you covered for shingle roof repair in Austin, TX and surroung areas. When you suspect there is a problem, we urge you to contact us right away. For something like a roof leak, for example, damage will only increase to a significant degree, costing you thousands of dollars above and beyond what it would have been if you had sought immediate professional help.

There is long list of liabilities that may lead you to seek our professional shingle roof repair services including:


Indeed, this is a primary culprit leading to roof troubles sooner or later. Unfortunately, it can be quite a while before homeowners realize that there is a problem with a shingle in the first place. What often happens is a heavy downpour with hail. A shingle is punctured, and after months of continued rain, moisture works its way into the roof deck and beyond. A quick job could save you thousands if you get the problem solved sooner rather than later.

Tip: Check your gutters as soon as it is safe to go outside after a hailstorm if you suspect your roof may have suffered damage from the ice balls of the storm. You may see samples. If so, we are happy to review the condition of your roof soon after the storm.

Wind Damage

We rest at the extreme lower edge of the infamous Tornado Alley, and any number of wind events may lead to compromised materials which would lead to problems. It does not take tornado-level winds to severely stress your entire roof.

Age and Sun Damage

We live in between two extremes of very hot weather, including the high and dry temperatures of the Southwest and the extreme humidity and heat of the Southeast. For a material such as an asphalt shingle roof, this may accelerate the aging process, causing shingles to curl prematurely. When a small area is more affected than others, we can prolong the life of your current system with targeted shingle repair.

Ensure the Continued Protection of Your Home

We have been serving properties throughout the Central Texas area since 1997 and have established a strong relationship in the various communities we serve. We are an upstanding member of the Better Business Bureau, the most trusted watchdog non-profit for decades. We are also certified by various manufacturers in our industry. As trusted roofers, we are ready to troubleshoot your roofing issues anywhere in the Austin and Round Rock, TX area.