Should I Choose An Asphalt Roof for my Austin Home?

While we’ve covered the differences between needing a roof replacement vs roof repair in another blog post, as well as discussed the advantages of a metal roof, we wanted to go a little deeper and break down some of the advantages and disadvantages when selecting an asphalt roof for your Austin home.

The options you have as a homeowner for roofing materials are expansive. This can make deciding upon one a struggle. A common debate we see for those looking for a classic look for a home, is the pros and cons between asphalt roofing and slate roofing. We install both, as well as other roofing materials, and believe both have advantages and disadvantages, depending on the life expectancy of your roof and how much you would like to spend right now and in the future.

Austin Asphalt Roofs

Advantages of an Asphalt Roof

Simple Installation – The usage of the term simple is a bit, well, simple. No roof installation is simple. Which is why the roofing experts at HD Roofing and Repairs, with over 20 years of experience serving the Austin community, are your best choice for your asphalt roof installation. Compared to other roofing materials, the installation of an asphalt roof can be considered ‘simple’, and allows for a quicker installation and a lower price.

Lower Installation Costs – An asphalt roof installation can be considerably cheaper than other more expensive options, including slate roofing. While the shingle itself will vary on price depending on it’s material and durability, as far as upfront pricing goes, an asphalt roof will be your best option.

Color Choices – While other roofs can still be painted, the expansive shingle industry has allowed shingle roofs to offer the widest variety in both color and style.

Disadvantages of an Asphalt Roof

Durability – Compared to a slate roof, an asphalt roof is much more susceptible to the sometimes extreme Austin weather. High winds, hail damage, and even heavy rains can accelerate the degradation of your shingles. When going with a shingle roof, having a qualified roofer like HD Roofing and Repairs ensures proper installation and the use of high quality materials, keeping your roof and your home safe from the elements for years to come.

Extreme Weather –As we covered a little before, the elements associated with our Austin winters (and summers) can cause havoc on a shingle roof. If a shingle is out of place, a heavy wind can rip it clean off and send it flying into the air. While there’s the small chance of this damaging a car or breaking a window, the real issue is the hole it leaves open in your roof. Depending on where the wind is coming from, it can blow straight into your roof, and cause damage to the underlying structure and support materials in your roof. If you see multiple missing shingles, it is probably time for a roof replacement.

Lifespan – When choosing an asphalt roofing, the cost saving is an important decision. But these savings come at somewhat of a cost in the long run. An asphalt roof, when properly maintained, can last 30 years or more if installed by a professional like HD Roofing and Repairs with the high quality materials we use. If you are planning on staying in your Austin home for more than 30 years and would prefer not to have to replace your roof during this time, other materials provide a longer lifespan.

When deciding between a slate roof and the other options available, there are many options to consider. The experts at HD Roofing and Repairs would love the opportunity to speak with you about asphalt roofing further. We can schedule a time with you over the phone or come to your home. We can explain the options you have when deciding upon an asphalt roof, as well as your other roofing material options.

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