Should I Install a Tile Roof on my Austin Home

When deciding upon a roof for your Austin home, there are many styles to choose from. Even with tile roofing, the material options are many and all offer their own pro’s and con’s when factoring in the needs of the homeowner. The classic concrete and clay roof tile brings with it a vintage quality, that still looks sharp on today’s homes. While Austin does not get too cold, finding a roofing expert to properly install a tile roof is necessary to avoid any issues during a freeze. A respectable roofing contractor will provide you with roof tiles that are made to withstand freeze-thaw cycles.

Tile roofs are also a very durable roof. As displayed by the exquisite roofs found in Europe, a tile roof can last for centuries with the proper care. Many of today’s tiled are designed in such a way to mimic the shape of a barrel, and when they are interlocked together during installation, they help to support each other providing an even stronger roof.

When installing a roof, your roofing contractor should know if the current roof framing can support a tile roof. While offering heightened protection, they also come with a noticeable weight increase vs the much lighter but less durable asphalt roofing. An asphalt roof might weigh slightly over 200 pounds per square (10 foot by 10 foot), while a tile roof can weigh anywhere from 600 pounds to over 1,100 pounds per square!

What Is the Difference Between Clay Tiles and Concrete Tiles?

Clay tiles will keep their color longer than concrete tiles. They also have an increased durability and can provide protection for longer than a concrete tile roof. When a clay roof is installed, you can expect it to last over a hundred years. When shingles get displaced from high winds or even hail damage, they will need to be reinstalled or replaced to avoid any further damage to the roof or structure underneath. Aside from regular maintenance and repairs from extreme weather, the durability of a clay tile roof is exemplary. A concrete tile roof can be expected to last 50 years. While not as long, it still provides almost twice the lifespan of an asphalt roof.

It is true that clay tile provide almost double the lifespan, but they also cost about twice as much as concrete tiles. Both clay and concrete roofs enjoy top scores in fire and impact ratings, but are slightly more complicated to install vs asphalt shingles. Asphalt shingles are a much cheaper upfront price, but will need to be repaired and replaced at much higher rate.

The roofing contractors at HD Roofing and Repairs are experienced tile roof installers. We use only the highest quality materials and with over 20 years of experience installing roofs in the Austin area, we will bring the professionalism required to install your tile roof properly.

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