The New Year Approaches, Do You Need A New Roof?

As 2017 leaves Austin and 2018 awaits their triumphant entry come January 1st at midnight, many people are worried about resolutions and what the new year might bring. As a homeowner this could include damage from the upcoming storms. If a roof is damaged, a storm can do extensive damage using the weakpoint as a catalyst. We are about halfway through our winter, and seemingly unimportant damage caused by Austin’s winter could cause much larger problems as the seasons change. As you focus on the new year and the goals you’ve set for yourself, give yourself a little peace of mind. Have one of our roofing experts come out and give your Austin roof a free inspection. We will make sure there’s no early warning signs of damage that could cost you much more down the road. The joy of a new year is shedding the worry of the previous year, and making yourself and your home a better place for you and your family. With a free inspection from HD Roofing and Repairs, you’ll be sure your roof is ready for 2018. And if it’s not, we will explain to you the issues we’ve found and provide you with a FREE estimate. Our roofing contractors are some of the best in Austin, and we will provide you a fair, affordable estimate. You can count on HD Roofing and Repairs to keep your roof happy through 2018 and beyond.

When considering if you need a new roof, there are a few things to take into account to help gauge the lifespan of your roof and how many years it has left before needing a roof replacement.

  • Multiple Roof Repairs and Patch Jobs
  • Out of Place Shingles
  • Shingle Damage (Bending/Buckling)
  • Years Since Your Last Inspection

If any of these apply to you, it definitely sounds like time for a roof inspection. Depending on the damage, a roof repair might be possible. If our roofing contractors feel comfortable with a roof repair, we will write up a free estimate. In the case of extensive damage, either visible from the ground or internal damage that can sometimes be completely hidden from view, or showing symptoms such as out of place shingles or bending and buckling, we are professionally trained in multiple roof style installations and replacements and we can work with you to find a roofing solution that fits both your budget and long term plan and goals. While many go with shingles, the advancements of metal roofs have allowed for aesthetically pleasing residential roofs that provide the benefits of a metal roof.

If it has been a few years since your Austin roof was inspected, now is the time to get one. It’s free, so what do you have to lose! An uninspected roof can mask a whole slew of dangerous and costly issues that will only increase the longer they are not taken care of. Just like our own health is important and something many of us focus on as we reach the end of the year and move forward to a new one, the health of your home is very much important as well. You could save yourself thousands of dollars by having a roof inspection from a qualified roofing contractor like HD Roofing and Repairs. By identifying the problems while they are small, we can better create a roofing plan for you to get you through 2018 and beyond.

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