The Positives and Negatives of a Slate Roof

A slate roof provides many advantages over an asphalt roof, but in some cases an asphalt roof or even a metal roof might be a better choice. Below, we’ve put together what we feel are the main pros and cons to consider when weighing the options you have as an Austin homeowner for your roofing materials.


Durability – A slate roof has no problem standing up to the elements associated with our Austin winters. Slate is storm-resistant, fireproof, and unharmed by water. While shingle roofs can fall victim to hidden issues such as algae growth and damaging moss, the slate roof shares none of these burdens and provides a low-maintenance, long-term roofing solution for your Austin home.

Environmentally Sound – A slate roof is made up of just what the name implies; slate. Slate tile is usually rock, with a composite material added to it in certain instances. Rather than having to be produced, and all of the environmental hazards that are associated with manufacturing, a slate roof is cut. It is one of the greenest options when deciding upon a roofing material for your Austin home.

Extended Lifespan – When a slate roof has been installed properly, by experts like those at HD Roofing and Repairs, you can expect your roof to last over a hundred years! They don’t require the level of maintenance that asphalt roofs do, but should be inspected every 5 years to ensure no costly issues are hiding for the future. Our roofers can come out and provide you with a free slate roof inspection.

Aesthetic Quality – You might imagine a typical asphalt shingle roof when you picture a home, but we assure you that a slate roof looks simply fantastic on a home. The slate tiles bring a simplistic elegance and refined touch to your home, protecting it and keeping it looking beautiful for decades.


Expert Installation – We of course would never recommend somebody attempts installing a roof on their own. It can be dangerous depending on the weather conditions, angle of the roof, and some materials are less slip-resistant than others. When a slate roof is the type of roof that is being installed, the need for a professional roofing contractor is even more important. While a common general contractor would probably be able to install an asphalt roof, a slate roof requires the care and experience of a trusted roofing contractor.

Weight – Compared to asphalt, a slate roof comes with a much heftier weight. The added protection and durability you get from having a slate roof installed will also require a stronger structure to accomodate the added weight. Our expert roofers can determine if the structural integrity of your home will allow a slate roof. This is another reason why finding a trusted, local roofer with years of experience in the Austin area is necessary to protect your home and your investment. With over 20 years of serving the Austin area, we believe we are a perfect choice for your slate roof installation.

Upfront Costs – The cost of a slate roof can be considerably higher than an asphalt roof. While these upfront costs might scare a homeowner away, the savings can be seen in the long term. Rather than requiring a roof replacement in 30 years, as one would with an asphalt roof, a slate roof can last a century and provide you and your family with protection from the elements for a lifetime.

So I Should Go With A Slate Roof?

Depending on your needs, a slate roof is one of the many options that we offer at HD Roofing and Repairs. If spending a bit more money now, and you plan on living in your home for a long time, a slate roof might be the better option. Once it is installed, you can pretty much forget about it (other than maintenance and inspections) and enjoy a roof that looks great and protects your Austin home.

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