Will A Metal Roof Attract Lightning During Austin Storms?

Some people believe that a metal roof will make your home more susceptible to lightning strikes, but this in fact not the case! Lightning is always looking for the highest point to connect with when it strikes the ground. In fact, the part you see starts from the ground and travels up into the sky. A metal roof will not increase your chances of a lightning strike hitting your house, compared to any other roof type. Unlike the more traditional wood and shingle roofs, a metal roof will actually provide better protection from a direct lightning strike. Because of its metal make-up, it distributes the lightning’s charge across the metal roof, rather than striking in one place on a wooden roof, possibly causing a fire to break out. Like any roof, when a metal roof is properly installed by a professional roofing contractor like HD Roofing and Repairs, it is grounded and will transfer the charge safely through the house to the ground below, leaving any occupants unaffected other than having quite the scare from the sound.

One can easily understand why it would be easy to argue that metal roofs would be a concern for lightning strikes, giving the fact they are metal, a known electrical conductor. This is a common misunderstanding of the science of lightning. Like mentioned above, lightning connects with the highest point; usually a tree or power pole. While these can create issues if they fall onto your house or on your property, the likelihood of your Austin house being struck by lightning is as small as it would be with any other roofing material. There is no roofing material that will provide a lower rate of lightning strikes.

Rather than worry about how your roof replacement or roof installation will affect your chances of a lightning strike, they won’t, there are other factors to consider when gauging your lightning strike chances.

Austin Storm Conditions

Some areas of Austin just seem to get hit with more storms than others. If you are in an area that seems to get the brunt of most of our more violent storms, then these areas would have an increased chance for ground lightning strikes.

The Size and Stature of Your Home

Perhaps there is one lonely two-story remodeled home in an area surrounded by single-story Austin homes. This house would definitely be a prime condition for an Austin lightning storm to strike. Again, these chances are still very low. And if your roof is properly grounded it will be safely rerouted into the earth and you will avoid any damage. A metal roof amplifies this safety feature by dissipating the charge at the point of contact, avoiding any damage to a single point or a fire breaking out.

Geographical Features Around Your Home

If you have geographical features such as tall trees or large rocks on your Austin property or nearby that reach higher into the sky than your home, much like living in a valley you are very much safe.

Austin’s Topography

We’ve already covered that lightning strikes at the highest point in the area where the charge is located. If your house is below other structures, or in a valley, you have very little to worry about. The chance of a lightning strike on your Austin home rather than the elevated property around it would be very low.

If you have any questions or concerns about your Austin roofing and would like one of our trained roofers to come out and provide you with a free inspection, we would be happy to oblige. The advantages covered with a metal roof are useless if your roof is not properly grounded. Our roofers can provide you with a free inspection and give you comfort in knowing in the unlikely event that a bolt of lightning chooses your house, you and your family will be safe.

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