Has Your Roof Been Through a Storm?

Find out if you need a wind damage repair from our team in Austin, TX

Wind is one of the most destructive forces in nature, and it can tear a roof apart in just a few minutes. Slower winds may not destroy your roof, but they can cause unseen damage. If you don't have your roof professionally repaired, those unseen problems can slowly grow into very large problems. At HD Roofing and Repairs, we offer both inspections and wind damage repair for properties in Austin, TX.

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What can wind do to your roof?

When your roof goes through a storm, the amount of damage it sustains will depend on the speed of the wind. If you're not able to inspect your roof directly, you can get an idea of how strong a storm was based on other signs around your property. Below is a summary of wind speeds and the associated damage:

  • Winds from 45 to 57 miles per hour can tear down tree branches and remove loose shingles.
  • Winds from 58 to 74 miles per hour can tear down trees, uproot trees and rip off shingles.
  • Winds from 75 to 89 miles per hour can destroy trees, flip mobile homes and pull apart roof decking.
  • Winds higher than 90 miles per hour can rip off or destroy a roof.

No matter what the wind speed, you should always have your roof professionally inspected after a storm. A proper wind damage repair will prevent further destruction from unseen leaks. Make an appointment for your wind damage roof repair in Austin, TX as soon as possible.